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About Us



Based in the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, the Escapate team offers you tailor-made and atypical experiences in the regions of Cusco and Lima. 

Designed with the main principles of Slow Tourism, our excursions and travel will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Peruvian culture and to discover the regions you will cross like no one before.

Our experience and our perfect knowledge of the destinations will help us to meet all your needs, to take you to preserved sites and to make you live unique and unforgettable adventures with the locals. 


Slow down and take time to discover !
You will be able to get away from the main tourist routes and generate better economic benefits for local families.

The Escápate Team


  • What Slow Tourism is ?

The Slow Tourism is a new touristic trend born in the early 2000s and based on three important principles : 

  1. Respect of Environment 
  2. Experiences shared with locals 
  3. In-depth discovery 

The official definition present this concept as : “A slow-paced tourism, allowing people recover and rejuvenate, generating low CO2 emission, focused on patience, serenity, in-depth discoveries, improvement of knowledge and cultural achievements”. Derived from Slow Food and in a general way from all Slow Life movements, Slow Tourism encourages you to slow down, to take time to discover, to fully immerse yourself in the nature that surrounds us, to privilege meeting local people or to enjoy food experiences.


  • Why did we choose to adopt this concept ? 

Through the adoption of Slow Tourism principles and the promotion of a slower visit of the regions, it is a new model of tourism and local development that we wish to form and spread. By stopping running and visiting less but better, our objective is to offer the most satisfying and qualitative experience for visitors but also for territorial actors.

While the money spent on an express trip to the Peruvian south coast or on a classic excursion to Machu Picchu benefits widely to international groups, a Slow Tourism experience helps to get a better profits distribution leaving a great part of it to the local people. Indeed, by going to unknown sites and preserved areas, you will sleep with local people rather than in hotel chains and will use drivers, guides and other independent service providers rather than the big brands of the tourism world who usually focus on the highlights of each country.



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More than titles and diplomas, what matters to us in the choice of our partners is their behavior and their moral aspect.

Paid above the average local salary, our collaborators are selected above all for their honesty, their human character, their integrity, their tolerance and their ability to show empathy when the situation requires it.




Main point of our organization, respect is at the heart of all our decisions. Respect within our team first of all, and also for the people who are the DNA of Peru, their cultures, their identities and their traditions that we always try to highlight throughout our experiences.

Respect of the environment then, with products always thought and focus on the same objective: to develop a new model allowing to travel and discover the world while preserving it and/or regenerating it for the needs of the future generations.


More than a simple travel agency, we believe it is important that our daily work participates in the local development of the country. Focused on the cities of Cusco and Lima and their surroundings, our activities aim to promote regional attractions and highlight local actors above all.

In addition to the simple economic aspect, it seems fundamental to us that our territorial commitment also extends to the cultural and social sphere. That is why the price of our services includes a “solidarity percentage” which we use every year to support various social actions and humanitarian and environmental projects.